We begin where we last left off.

In 2011, SNEHA (Society for Nutrition Education and Health Action) initiated an art for health project. Named Dekha Undekha (Seen Unseen), it was a yearlong endeavour to wed artistry with health literacy and culminated in an art exhibition named Ghar Pe (At Home) in a school hall in Dharavi.

Dharavi Biennale is the sequel to Dekha Undekha. It is envisioned as a three year art + health festival with a series of several standalone workshops (which we call Art Boxes) that shall involve almost 200 participants. The overarching theme is recycling: artworks will use recycled materials and will address the health effects of recycled behaviours.

We want to give emerging local artists the opportunity to consolidate their conceptual, practical and leadership skills, bring in new participants, engage more deeply with health issues, and emphasize sustainability. At the end of two years, our activities shall converge into an exhibition.

We dream that the Dharavi Biennale shall be a collective of talents and a hub for health advocacy. In the meanwhile, if you are a Dharavi resident, an artist, a volunteer, a student or just a curious passer-by,  get in touch with us on Facebook  or on our website and join the dialogue.



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  1. Excellent idea.One of the major hurdles in promoting healthy behavior is a cultural block.A program such as Dharavi Biennale will encourage community participation and help people understand the importance of health though art. It would truly be educative and enjoyable.

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