Signboard Splash

From our most recent Art Box by Khushboo Bharti in which our participants made hand-drawn signs to be put all across Dharavi. These signs address some of the local health issues such as garbage disposal, alcohol addiction and timely visit to doctors.

Drawn by Babita, the sign urges people to avail correct information regarding health from accurate sources.




By Anita, this sign addresses a common problem in Mumbai. You see a garbage bin but you will find garbage lying all AROUND it rather than in it. Is it because the amount of waste generated is more than the number of disposal options? Or it because we are generally lazy and careless?



Made by our oldest participant, Lakshman, this one tells you the importance of checking the expiry dates of medicines.



By the very enthusiastic Akash, who made a little cartoon like sign that tells you how to control the spread of malaria.



By Akshay, this very attractive sign, is about the approaching local groups for help with medical relief if necessary.



This lovely sign was drawn by Renu. You get what’s it about, don’t you?



We loved it! By Rani, this poster warns us about air pollution.



Drawn by our very own Dipesh Thakker, our new project coordinator, this sign is about the correct method of waste disposal.