Just a few hours to go for our inaugural!

We inaugurate our new gallery and workshop space in a few hours and this post is going to be a rush. The whole team worked hard in the last three days and we spent last night scrubbing the floors of our house. It is right in Kumbharwada, the potters’colony in Dharavi, and on the main road, so cleaning it up was quite a big deal.

There is a lot of excitement about this new house. I suppose we ourselves haven’t quite fully understood the possibilities of this space. It is Dharavi. It is about art. It is about health and gender. This could mean any number of things – this is where Dharavi artists can exhibit their works, this is where artists beyond Dharavi can come and experiment with the tons of unique materials available in Dharavi.

Much thanks to our new project coordinator, Dipesh Thakker, who has been a fantastic events manager. We were conversing about careers on our way back and Dipesh told me that he had a job in finance which he left to do something ‘exactly’ like this. On most days, the truth is, it doesn’t feel like a job. There is sure a lot of pressure but with things like setting up a gallery space or networking with Dharavi people – it feels more like a passion.

These are scattered thoughts just before our inaugural. This is truly our starting point, our platform of stability, a space for experiment and exhibitions. We have put up current and previous artworks on the ground and first floors. And we have truly gone gaga like children with a new toy. Visit our Colour Box this evening 🙂